STI Is Committed To Improving Student Learning For All Stakeholders

Every stakeholder in the school benefits from STI’s customized , on-going professional development:


Measurable goals provide for accountability to determine degree of success

Curriculum Director

Provides district cohesiveness with a single source solution resulting in positive achievement reform


Increased student improvement and student gains


Builds teacher collaboration resulting in efficient and effective learning environments


Reap the benefits of early intervention and prepare your students for college and career readiness.


Thousands of educators have experienced the expertise from our STIAchievement Services improvement specialists resulting in increased student achievement. STI’s highly-qualified coaches work collaboratively with the educators at each school or district to determine the best course of action in creating school improvement plans. Every STIAchievement Services engagement is dynamic and customized to the needs of the school/district providing on-site, job-embedded professional development. STIAchievement Services provides a focused approach to classroom instruction and standardized testing tailored to individualized instruction.

STIAssessment is the powerful assessment tool aligned to your state standards used to monitor progress on formative and benchmark assessments. STIAssessment can be delivered through paper or via online testing. The immediate results allows for instantaneous student feedback and proactive intervention. Currently, over 1.2 million students have taken tests through STIAssessment. Empower your teachers with easy-to- use reports that facilitate data driven instruction.

STIAchievement Services components include:

  • Program Evaluations
  • Project Scoping
  • Longitudinal Data Analysis
  • Curriculum Planning
  • Customized Teacher Support
  • Test Creation
  • Teacher Mentor and Modeling
  • Pacing Guides
  • Formative and Benchmark Assessments Based On Pacing Guides
  • Data Team Meetings
  • Student Learning Styles Inventories
  • Special Education Accountability
  • Instructional Strategies For Student Engagement

The results of our engagements are unbelievable...

Tremendous Gains - Proven Results

Addressing the Needs of Teachers To Improve Instruction

Creating an effective teacher evaluation system has been a primary focus recently for many educators nationwide. Implementing a school improvement plan is difficult and often the stakeholder responsible for ensuring the improvement is not included in the planning and reformation process. Understanding that teachers are the most critical component to improving student outcomes, STI’s experienced coaches make it their responsibility to include and address the needs of the teachers in every step of the effectiveness plan to ensure rigor and fidelity.

STI coaches work directly with the teachers by providing instructional strategies and services to better equip the teachers with more effective tools to ensure improvement in the classroom.

With a focus on student data to drive instruction, STIAchievement Services includes:

  • Unwrapping the State Standards
  • General Education/Special Education Collaboration
  • Side by Side Modeling
  • Data Meetings and Data Analysis
  • Specific Effectiveness Professional Development Courses
  • Instructional Strategies to Increase Student Engagement

Growth For Every Student

The measurement of student growth is an important competent of student learning. STIAchievement Services makes monitoring student progress painless by providing growth reporting within our powerful STIAssessment tool.

Easily review pre and post test scores to assess gains made. Effectively determine which students are progressing and which students need additional intervention. STIAchievement Services coaches will work directly with the teachers to learn how to analyze the test results data to encourage strategic, targeted instruction. Ensuring growth for every student!

Prepare Your Teachers Today For The College and Career Ready Students of Tomorrow

STIAchievement Services coaches will help you successfully prepare your teachers and administrators for the Common Core transition. STI’s Common Core specialists provide personalized, long-term professional development that effectively addresses Common Core content designed to meet the needs and knowledge level of the district. No matter your experience level, a novice or  if you have already initiated your Common Core training, STIAchievement Services can help you along every step of the way. Implementing rigorous instructional strategies and practices with an extensive focus on Common Core will transform your school's student achievement and provide proven results.

Common Core Areas of Need:

  • Learn Rationale and History Behind "Common Core" Standards
  • Complete Deconstruction and Comparison of Common Core to the Current State Standards
  • Create Common Core Timeline Within the State Testing Window
  • Develop Power Quizzes For Each Skill Found Within Common Core
  • Teacher and Administrators Preparedness for Common Core
  • Development of Instructional Models To Fully Embrace College and Career Readiness Standards and Prepare Your Schools For 21st Century Instruction
  • Single Rich Tasks For Instruction and Assessment

A Gateway to Special Education Student Improvement And Enhanced 21st Century Classroom Instruction

STIAchievement Services coaches understand the workload and demands placed on special education teachers. Special Education teachers are required to differentiate instruction to meet the needs of all learners focusing on individual learning styles and taking into account each student’s individual aptitude. Even though the demands are high and sometimes difficult to accomplish, with an intentional narrowed focus, results can be seen immediately.

With a focus on special education student growth, STIAchievement Services coaches provide guidance and instructional strategies with teachers on the following:

  • Data Meetings Facilitating Collaboration Between General Education and Special Education Teachers
  • Development of Individual Instructional Strategies Targeting Specific Standards and Learning Paths for Students in the Special Needs Subgroup
  • Analysis of Testing Data Evaluating Instructional Strategies and Teaching Materials Needed To Be Improved
  • Creation of Instructional Materials To Meet The Needs of the Students